Matt Parrat's Conifer workshop and resources

The workshop notes can be downloaded here

Some useful online conifer resources  There’s also a good image gallery which is worth looking at. is a work in progress, so please send Matt any feedback you can. An extensive resource, though without identification keys. A useful place to check synonyms and currently accepted names of all plants, not just conifers.

Some useful books

Trees of Britain and Northern Europe. Alan Mitchell. 2001

Conifers in the British Isles. A descriptive handbook. 1972

Trees (Eyewitness Handbooks). Alan J Combes. 1992

Trees of Britain and Europe. Keith Rushforth. 1999

A Handbook of Coniferae and Ginkgoaceae. Dallimore and Jackson. 1966

A Natural History of Conifers. Aljos Farjon. 2008